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How Often Should I Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Dirt and other particles when left too long, work their way into the carpet fibers and ultimately breaks them down. Once they become embedded, they can be almost impossible to remove. To maintain the appearance of your carpets and extend their usability, it is recommended that you use professional carpet cleaning services every 6 to 12 months. Many carpets are designed to last for 10 to 15 years whether you have them professionally cleaned or not. Having your carpets cleaned regularly by a pro is the best way to extend your carpet’s longevity. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, your carpets could most certainly wear out! For older carpets that are showing signs of wrinkling or buckling, it’s best to have your carpets repaired before you call Equinox Cleaning. Loose and bunched up material are signs that your carpet may need to be stretched or otherwise repaired. Having your carpets cleaned before having the necessary repairs done can make things worse. Put carpet cleaning services on your spring and fall cleaning checklists also so that you won’t forget to schedule them. Your carpet – and your lungs – will thank you. Start using professional carpet cleaning services regularly when they are new and you’ll enjoy beautiful carpets and cleaner air for years to come.

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